Devotions for March 5-9
Romans 3:20-26

Monday: Romans 3:21
The apostle Paul shares with us that the righteousness of God has been revealed to us (In Christ) separate from the “law” (God’s instructions concerning the moral, social, and spiritual behavior of His people). The law points us to God’s righteousness, it shows God’s righteousness but it does not give God’s righteousness. However, the Old Testament collaborates that the Messiah (Christ) will make righteous all who believe. How does this change how we read the Law and how does this help us “find” Christ in the OT?

Tuesday: Romans 3:22-23
There are no distinctions for who have sinned, so there is no distinction for those who need a Savior. For the Jew (original people of God) and the Gentile (all others) people are each equally sinful. And for both groups, Jesus Christ is the only Savior. How does this universal separation from God because of sin obliterate any sense of national or spiritual entitlement that we may have?

Wednesday: Romans 3:24-25a
We are pronounced righteous (justified) by God’s grace (unmerited favor) as a free gift by Jesus. However, that free gift came at the price of the death of Jesus. And is to be taken, not automatically upon birth or upon a level of achievement but by a God-given faith. All of these things are received by us and not warranted. How does this shape our view of ourselves, of God the Father and of Jesus?

Thursday: Romans 3:25b-26
The gist of these verses is showing the reader that God in His great love and patience for His fallen creation has waited to reveal the fullness of His righteousness (Jesus). Man had not reached a level of sin that must now be dealt with but God in his perfect timing revealed his own character as the One, the only One who can be just enough to justify. How does this truth give us a deeper look into grace, our justification and the gospel? How does this affect us living daily life as gracious people?

Friday: Truths for Meditation
1. There are none that are entitled to redemption, we are all equally sinful and in need of a savior.
2. Our right standing before God (justification) is a free gift of God (grace) through Jesus Christ. And this gift is received by a faith that is made possible by God.
3. The entire Old Testament bears witness to the redemption to be found in the Christ (Messiah) so let’s read the OT with Jesus on our lips.
4. God reveals himself to us in His Word, and through his word, he tells us of His redemptive plan from Genesis to Revelation. He does not change his plan based on the actions of man but reveals them in His perfect timing. Rejoice in a God who has spoken through His Word and allows us to praise his character through the process.