Devotions for Week of February 25th
What is the Gospel? 1 Corinthians 15:1-8

The gospel is a report from heaven to be believed and trusted for salvation.”
Thomas Boston

The church at Corinth needed to be brought back to the central teaching of Christianity, the gospel. How did they first hear the gospel? Think back to when you first heard the gospel. Take a moment to thank God for graciously allowing someone to share it with you. How can we “preach” the gospel to ourselves daily?

The life, death, and resurrection of Christ were all in accordance with Old Testament Scripture. How does the authority of Scripture both give us a definition of the gospel and strengthen our faith? And how can you start to look for the gospel in every book of Scripture?

The gospel was not a message that was contained in an institution or to a certain nation, ethnicity, or social status. Christ appeared to religious leaders, fisherman, essentially people from all walks of life. How does the universal message of the gospel of Christ affect our lives?

Paul refers to himself as one “untimely born”. That phrase illustrates to us a humble awe that Paul has been the recipient of God’s grace in Christ. How can a daily rehearsal of the gospel lead us to lives of humility? And what else about our daily lives will be changed by this practice?

Friday: Points to remember and apply to everyday life:
1. The gospel is the foundational truth of the church, it is the good news we live by and share.
2. The gospel can be traced from Genesis to Revelation, it is not a new concept.
3. The gospel is a grace-filled historical reality.
4. The Christian never goes beyond the gospel.