Devotions for Ruth 1

Jan 21, 2018

Ruth 1: Grace Will Lead Us Home

“God’s judgment of sin is reliable, for his Word is faithful, but even more consistent is God’s desire to restore wandering sinners to himself. Grace is always God’s last word” Ian Duguid

As we end our Christmas continued series, we take up God’s story of redemption in the Book of Ruth. God’s Extraordinary Redemption for Ordinary People

Monday: Ruth 1:1-5; Choices; What are some hard choices you have had to make? What made these choices hard? How did you seek counsel for God’s Word and others, and how can we for future decisions?

Tuesday: Ruth 1:6-14; Attitudes; What were some of the positive or negative consequences of your choices? How did these consequences affect your attitude? And how can we maintain a grace filled attitude in difficult times?

Wednesday: Ruth 1:14-18; Actions; How does our attitudes affect our actions? What can we do to make sure our actions reflect our hope in the gospel?

Thursday: Ruth 1:19-22; Return; When we have sinned, how does God use our circumstances to lead us to repentance? And how hard is it to repent for you? How does knowing that God wants you to turn to him affect your attitude toward repentance?

Friday: Ruth 1; Application:

  1. Just because a choice offers a quick way of relief does not mean it is the best choice to make. Quick relief does not equal God’s will.
  2. Our unwillingness to repent will have a negative affect on on our attitudes and our care for others, which will discredit our gospel witness.
  3. God grace may take us on a winding road, but it will always lead us home.

Note: We encourage you to keep a prayer journal with these devotions making a spiritual diary of how God’s grace has manifested itself in your lives during this sermon series. We also encourage Fathers and husbands to lead your families in these devotions. Contact Bill Berry at [email protected] if you would like a family guide