Devotions for
Ruth 4: Redemption Accomplished

Monday: Ruth 4:1-6
All that Boaz and Ruth desired was going to be determined by a yes or no answer from the closer kinsman. But Boaz knew the point that the nearer kinsman would not cross and made sure he pushed the cost of redemption. How can we be equipped to be both utterly dependent on God and also pursue godly desires? Can we learn to be more dependent on God’s will for us by diving deeper into the cost of our redemption?

Tuesday: Ruth 4:7-10
Notice how Boaz did not cause a disturbance by going against the tradition of redemption. He could have argued the nearer kinsman was not a good enough redeemer or that he didn’t want the responsibility of what came with Ruth’s land. But Boaz explained redemption and offered it in terms that the people knew. In our culture today, how can we stand firm and courageous on biblical truth yet do it decently and in order. (Remember, Israel was a theocracy and we are not.)

Wednesday: Ruth 4:11-17
Notice how excited the whole town was for the redemption of Ruth. They praised Boaz, they praised Ruth (notice they did not say Moabite) they praised Naomi and they praised the child that would come. How exciting to be a part of a community that celebrates with one another. How would resting in our own redemption push us into a celebration for others?

Thursday: Ruth 4: 18-22
How does God take the tragedy of death and bring life into this story? What are the future ramifications of this marriage and how does it speak to God’s sovereign plan? As we are going about our day to day ordinary lives how does the book of Ruth strengthen our faith in God’s sovereign plan of redemption?

Friday: Application:

1) Our redemption was accomplished by a willing Redeemer, Jesus, that proves his care for us.

2) For the Christian pursuing and doing things in a way that glorifies God displays our trust in God.

3) As Christians, we have a great opportunity to share in the blessings of others. So let’s celebrate God’s blessings!