Devotions for Week of February 4th

Ruth 3: God’s Work in Our Weakness

“God can draw a straight line with a crooked stick.” – Martin Luther

Monday: Ruth 3:1-5

Think of all the advice you have received. How much was based on biblical wisdom and how much was based on personal preference? How should wise counsel be given by caring friends? What is the basis for counsel that you give others?

Tuesday: Ruth 3:6-11

In these verses, Ruth puts herself at risk by listening to Naomi’s counsel. However, she takes the initiative to propose to Boaz instead of just doing what he tells her to do.  How can Ruth be that discerning? In what ways do our knowledge of Scripture, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and daily communion with God cause us to be discerning?

Wednesday: Ruth 3:12-15

Boaz in these verses denies his own desires to do things in a way that is decent and in order. How does the gospel cause us to deny ourselves instant gratification and honor God and others with how we pursue our desires? How can we implement these things in our daily lives?

Thursday:  Ruth 3: 16-18

In these verses, notice how Ruth does not share how she took her own initiative and did not follow Naomi’s full advice. Ruth shows humility in not pointing this out to Naomi. In what ways can we be guilty of making sure others know when we are right and they are wrong? What is the cause of this, and how can it be corrected?

Friday:  Application:

(1) Wise counsel is always informed by a proper understanding and application of the scriptures.
(2) Discernment is not learned by coincidence. It is both a spiritual gift (1 Cor 12:10) and something we must nourish and develop (Psalm 119:66).
(3) Only by daily meditation on the gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit are we able to be gracious in our giving of counsel and receiving of counsel.

Note: We encourage you to keep a prayer journal with these devotions making a spiritual diary of how God’s grace has manifested itself in your lives during this sermon series. We also encourage fathers and husbands to lead your families in these devotions. Contact Bill Berry at  [email protected]  if you would like a family guide.