Devotions for Ruth 2

Jan 31, 2018

Ruth 2: God’s Sovereign Hand in Ordinary Days

   Devotions for Week of January 28

A firm faith in the universal providence of God is the solution of all earthly troubles.” B.B. Warfield

Monday: Ruth 2:1-3: While Naomi and Ruth were looking to establish a new life in Bethlehem the first thing they needed after shelter was food. Instead of waiting, Ruth simply did what she could, she went to the fields to work. How hard is it to go about working for the everyday ordinary things we need when you feel that you need something more?

Tuesday: Ruth 2:3-7: Ruth just happened to be in the field belonging to Boaz, and Boaz just happened to be visiting his workers. As we read the rest the story and the rest of Scripture, we can see Divine Providence in action. How does knowing there are no coincidences help us during times of stress, boredom or even joy?

Wednesday: Ruth 2:8-16: In the midst of Boaz’s kindness to Ruth we have the rest of the workers. Have you ever thought about how your attitude at work directly affects those who are in need? Does having to accommodate others irritate you or do you see it as an opportunity to show graciousness? How can you cheerfully serve others when it may make your job more difficult or change your routine?

Thursday:  Ruth 2:17-21: Do you ever do just enough? When the law or expectations give you a minimum, is that what you shoot for? What would cause you to treat others above and beyond the “minimum requirements”?

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit but in humility count others more significant than yourselvesPhilippians 2:3

Friday: Application:

  1. God is always at work in the mundane things of everyday life.
  2. The ability to work is a gift of God’s grace, not a means to show our worthiness of his blessings.
  3. God will use our gracefulness to others to give them hope.
  4. God by his providence, is always working for his glory and our good.

Note: We encourage you to keep a prayer journal with these devotions making a spiritual diary of how God’s grace has manifested itself in your lives during this sermon series. We also encourage fathers and husbands to lead your families in these devotions. Contact Bill Berry at  [email protected]  if you would like a family guide.